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Advantages of Laser Marking
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As we know, information such as part number, operating instructions, date of manufacture, logos, etc., is needed for typical quality control monitoring as well as consumer protection. Thus a wide variety of marking and labeling methods has been developed, including pen or pencil writing, press labeling, and ink-stamp marking. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Laser marking is superior in quality and flexibility to traditional marking techniques; it leads itself to automation and integrated production techniques. The common advantages of all laser marking techniques are as followings:
(1) permanent, high quality marks;
(2) high efficiency and low cost;
(3) high reproducibility, high speed and throughput
(4) good accessibility
(5) non-contact marking and no special working environmental needed;
(6) easy to automate and integrate (direct writing of patterns can established using
computer-controlled movement of the beam or sample);
(7) precise beam positioning and highly energy transfer.
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